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        Common problems

        • Q:Why the router makes HTTP port mappings, it can't moniter video when I use Safari in the public Web, it is ok in Local Area Network?

          A:Because you didn't do the RTSP port mapping Safari's video transmit through the RTSP. When you accesse the public Web, the mapping of the RTSP port needs to be done.

        • Q:What's the serial port?Why is the serial port printed normally when we change the baud rate of a data?

          A:The serial port of the device and the debug serial port share a set of hardware, But they are mutually exclusive use, when open the debugging equipment serial port function failure, set the serial port of properties on the application, to not only open the time effect of debugging. So after open the debug serial port function is failure, of any of its settings will not affect the debugging.
          The default to the customer is not to open the debug serial port, so the client's serial port function can be used.

        • Q:3G succeeded, but why not do network monitoring.

          A:Please confirm the HTTP port if you succeeded get the IP address, the port can't be 80, change others port that is not have been use,and it is ok

        • Q:Why can we only search for some videos on video playback?

          A:Because there are 128 records.
          1、Only 128 videos can be displayed in the list box, and the customer can display the corresponding 128 videos according to the specific time.
          2、The video shows a video recording of 24 hours a day, with no limit of 128.

          P.S Currently, there are 128 records of devices on the market.

        • Q:Why did my device stop the video


          There are several reasons for DSP or there isn't a VCR:
          1、Whether the hard disk is normal or not, whether there is a video icon, please check whether the power is normal, or the hard disk data line is normal.
          2、The video is configured correctly and the video is turned off?
          3、Stop operation, if it is stopped, then stop the video when the hard disk is full.

        • Q:Why did I set the video to five minutes, but the first video file sometimes didn't have five minutes?

          A:We have video equipment packaging rule is:
          1. The pack video time is more than half the time, and meet one of the following two conditions
                 1.1  package time is less than or equal to 60 minutes, packaging is 60 a few time, and the current time on the number of minutes for packaging multiples (such as the current time is xx: 25: xx, minutes of 25, if packing time is 5 that meet the conditions, if is 10)
                 1.2 The packaging time is more than 60 minutes, the package time is a multiple of 60, and the current time is 0 for minutes and 0 for seconds (0 for minutes, for example, xx: 00:00)
          2.The video time is greater than the packaging time, and the packaging time is not 60 or a multiple of 60

          To sum up, when the packaging time is 16 minutes, there will be no video files less than 16 minutes
          a. When setting the packing time for 5 minutes, the situation of 1. A, such as 2:02:00, starts the video and starts packing at 2:05:00
          b. When setting the packing time for 5 minutes, the situation of 1. A, as 2:02:40 starts the video, 2:05:10 will start packing.

        • Q:Why my hard disk is 500g, which is only 465.67 g on your device?

          A:The calculation method is different, the marking unit on the hard disk is 1000, and the equipment is 1024.
                  Hard disk labeled1K=1000,1M=1K*1K,1G=1M*1K。
                  equipment1K=1024 1M=1K*1K,1G=1M*1K。
                  Therefore, the 500G of the hard disk mark is converted into 465G in the equipment


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